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We specializes in providing service and supplying equipments, pipes, tubes, fittings, flanges,valves ,anti-corrosion tapes and other project bulk materials to companies in the areas of Gas & Oil, Heavy Industries, Industrial Construction and Mining.  We offer project package procurement service. We have supplied many products to pipeline projects in China,Sudan, Libya, Kenya, Kazakhstan,Myanmar,Niger where Chinese engineering companies are serving as EPC.  We also exported many Chinese seamless and welded pipes to foreign stockists who serve projects in Algeria and Indonesia. While you have small quantity high grade line pipe/plate(API 5L X52,X56,X60,X70), casing and tubing requirements, contact us! We may find Chinese stock pipes for you!

We supply full package deals for all kind of different materials. Our well established position with the main Chinese mills and stockists enable us to meet the competitive conditions required by our customers. All inquiries, large or small, are important to us. We pride ourselves with prompt, comprehensive, competitive services.
We can and have exported many Chinese machinery. E.g.: Gas storage tank,heat exchanger,filter, reactor tank,agitator tank, buffer tank, condenser, dispenser, reboiler,pumps, sub-drum, refining column, absorbtion tower,cleaning tower, mechanical seal, etc.

We can provide Chinese made PVC outwrap tape and PP outwrap tape to worldwide customers. These Chinese PVC and PP outwrap tape has been  widely used in China. They have good effect together with Stopaq's CZH tapes. 

Our clients also contact us for :

-       The purchase of various materials and equipment that can be bulked.
        You save time and reduce your costs: only one supplier, only one contact.
-       To make savings while outsourcing some purchases. We take charge of the purchasing management  and allows you to reduce your operating costs.

         We want to be your flexible and responsive partner in bulk procurement.

We also import pipes, fittings,flanges,valves , machinery and electronic spare parts to meet Chinese customer's requirements either for project or for maintenance and repair. If customers need spare parts produced by international companies' Chinese plant or Chinese companies, we can also export and ship to required destination.

We are dedicated to pursuing efficient, consistent growth by providing quality products, value added services and a seamless market alliance with our customers and vendors. Price, quality and performance go hand in hand as such all three are considered very important. With a focus on communications, quality and technology , we will perform as a professional, ethical, full service organization, while maintaining the ideas of respect, reward and integrity.

First class service combined with a commitment to ensuring your needs and requirements are paramount is a convincing reason to complete the perfect package with Torch Pipeline Supplies.